Stay Hydrated by Using a Live Water Cup

Make a Basic Habit More Convenient Using Environment Design

Photo by Tyler Swann on Unsplash
  • (Better organ health — heart, kidneys, liver,
  • Better joints and less body pain,
  • Soft pliable skin,
  • Higher energy, higher motivation, better mood,
  • Healthy and regular digestive system,
  • and many more)
  • (lethargy and weakness,
  • poor mood,
  • blood pressure and hormonal imbalances,
  • headache, dizziness, and fainting,
  • literal death
  • and many more)

The Live Water Cup

  1. Keep a full water bottle and your favorite mug full of water at your desk, in front of you and within easy reach.
  2. Fill your cup as soon as it is empty using your water bottle.
  3. As soon as your bottle is empty, make a trip to the water cooler and fill it up.

Why does this work?

  1. get triggered (cue) by sensing a familiar event or item,
  2. and we generate a desire (craving).
  3. We then attempt to fulfill that desire (response),
  4. and get a feeling of satisfaction from it (reward).



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