Surrender Yourself to Improv to Become a Better Conversationalist

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Why improvisation is powerful

Beyond the performance — become a better person

Add improv principles to your daily life to be a better conversationalist

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Pratibha: Are you from Bangalore?
Siddharth: Yes.

Better #1
Pratibha: Are you from Bangalore?
Siddharth: Yes, I live in Indiranagar. What about you?

Better #2
Pratibha: Are you from Bangalore?
Siddharth: No, I moved here in 2011 to study at Christ University. Are you from Bangalore?

Pratibha: Siddharth is like an SUV— slow and inefficient.
Siddharth: Yeah, and I also have a huge boot in the back.

Siddharth: What do you like about your car?
Pratibha: It gives me good mileage, it’s reliable, and I like having my own car so I can travel around town freely.

Siddharth: What do you like about your car?
Pratibha: A couple of months after I bought it, I took it for a long drive to Kodaikanal by myself. That was my first solo trip. During that drive, it was just me and my music in my haven. I’ll never forget when I picked up the smell of eucalyptus on the way. Have you ever been to Kodai?

Siddharth: Yeah, I really enjoyed the new Marvel movie.
Pratibha: It was great! If we lived in that version of New York, what would that be like?
Siddharth: I imagine watching the heroes fly by on a regular basis would keep things interesting. What are the chances you’d develop some superpowers?
Pratibha: If I could develop flight or teleportation, I’d probably just help people get to hospitals quicker.
Siddharth: Like an emergency taxi service? With your own hotline number?
Pratibha: Yeah, why not? The extra calories burned would be nice too.

Siddharth: The COVID vaccine made my cousin’s friend impotent. His testicles became swollen.
Pratibha: Sid, there have been no such reported problems in the vast amount of testing on the vaccine.
Siddharth: Are you sure?
Pratibha: Yes. I am a doctor and keep up with research on the vaccine.
Siddharth: You’re probably right then. I’ll look into it a bit more. Thanks.
Pratibha: Let me know if you want some reading material.

Note: Some of the above examples might sound hokey outside of context, but fit well in a larger conversation.




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